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  • I am proficient in Clip Studio Paint, Krita, Sony Vegas Pro, Photoshop, and Adobe Animate; with some experience in Blender, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Toon Boom.
  • I have worked on many group based animation projects and am good with people and working with other peoples ideas. I'm great at developing around a directors visual and narrative style and know when to speak up and when to listen in collaborative environments.
  • I have experience in working retail, hospitality, office, and industrial environments both in Europe and North America and can adapt to the work culture and norms of any community and or organization I'm employed / working with.


  • Fortunate to grow up in Portland, Oregon, I grew up surrounded by creative people and a culture of exploration. I like to think those artistic influences and cultural concepts laid dormant in the subconscious of my mind until my sophomore year of high school when I found myself obsessed with a graphic design course and supported by a teacher who knew how to push me to explore my new interests. I was a late starter, but I soon knew art and animation were what I wanted to pursue as a career.
  • Now, I'm a long way from home at the Institute for Art, Design and Technology in Dublin, Ireland building the skills to become an artist, animator, and storyteller in their 4-year Hon BA program. My experiences in the classroom and working to develop my own and classmates' animation projects have helped me improve immensely over the past two years. I'm currently looking to take my first steps into the professional animation industry through an internship or temporary work.


  • Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dun Laoghaire, Ba Hons in Animation
  • University of Oregon, Art and Technology / 3PPPM
  • Pacific Northwest College of Art, 2D Animation

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